Monday, May 6, 2013

Crazy adventure - part 2

I drive a 2009 Honda Civic - my car has this really cool feature - the speedometer is electronic and has the ability to go between kilometers/hr & miles/hr - which is awesome! Once in Michigan I changed my speedometer to mph so that I knew how fast I was driving.

To be completely honest I was travelling 77 mph in a 70 mph and so when another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction started to slow down while approaching an emergency vehicle only U-turn spot between the divided lanes I was suspicious that it was a police vehicle and so I started to slow down and moved into the other lane (just in case it wasn't a police vehicle I was being friendly by allowing this person to complete their u-turn without having to wait for me to pass).

But once I was at the u-turn spot the other vehicle lit up and sure enough it was a police vehicle. Immediately I pulled over to the side of the road and pressed my special button to put it back into kph. here's how the conversation went down when the officer came to my window...

officer - hello miss, you were going awful fast. Do you know how fast you were driving?

me - about 122-123 kph

officer - what's that in mph?

me - I don't know officer. My car doesn't show me in mph only kph. So I just approximated my speed.

officer - Where were you going in such a hurry?

me - my father was hurt a couple days ago so I'm going to see him and make sure that he's ok since I'm a nurse and I'm not sure that I trust that the healthcare ppl are looking after him properly. (Said totally because cops generally respect nurses and see them as equals and those who will care for ppl)

officer - ok well license & registration

About 5 min later....

officer - (looking into my car) you should have a button that allows you to make your speedometer into mph...

me - really officer, I didn't know that (totally did but wasn't about to admit it!)

officer - finds button and presses it which did nothing.

me - no officer that didn't do anything

officer - presses it again

me - nope, nothing

officer - presses it AGAIN

me - I don't know officer, it's not doing anything

officer - this time he presses it for a bit longer & TADA it changes

me - wow, that's pretty cool

officer - well make sure that you use this as you travel. And please slow down.

me - oh I certainly will officer. Then he hands me back my license & registration.

Honestly I was thinking that when he pulled me over it was like my third strike for this trip and I was now out. I was shitting in my pants because how the hell was I going to tell my hubby that not only did I fuck up the car but that I was also caught for speeding. That certainly would NOT be a pleasant conversation.

Off I went to head across the border and to my parents house where I went in with the number code for the back door. I arrived at 0530 hrs and made sure to hide my car behind the neighbors big ass truck. Of course my dad was sleeping on the couch. Their stupid dog has a collar that jangles so of course it woke up my dad. I stashed my shoes & jacket in the closet and made sure there was no hint that I was there. I told Dad to keep me coming a secret and that i would try to surprise my mom before she went off to work at 1000 hrs.

Unfortunately I didn't wake up in time and off mom went to work. Stay tuned to part 3 to hear the rest

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