Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a crazy adventure I had - part 1

My last post was rather harsh on my mom - I love her but totally didn't see her point about how she needed to "care" for my dad who has a broken FOOT....

On Tuesday just before little tyke's gymnastics lesson, hubby calls me and asks me if I want to go to my parents and take little tyke with me and celebrate her birthday up there since mom and auntie would be missing little tyke's birthday (rather the whole point why they were coming down here)... so I said YES!!!!!!!!!!! Totally excited I was. It was something that had crossed my mind but wasn't about to bring up to hubby seeing that he hates when I go up there since it's not cheap and I ALWAYS end up spending more than I really should. So I was totally pumped when he brought this idea up, I wasn't about to turn it down.

So off I went packing and making sure that I brought the stuff we really needed and not over pack (as I often do!) and away little tyke and I went after gymnastics (and a late dinner with hubby). I got on the road at approx. 2130hrs.

when I was leaving the house I took the passport folder out of the middle console in the car and put it into the holder of the driver side door - that way I didn't have to lift the console (which little tyke usually puts her feet on when she falls asleep in the car) and chance waking the sleeping kiddo. And figured that I would have easier access to it.

Since I knew that I would be going into the US as it's faster to get to my hometown that way I called hubby and asked him to transfer money into the US account online and I would stop by our bank before heading out of town. Unfortunately my bank ATM didn't register the transfer right away and when I called hubby an hour later was elated to find out that the transfer did register and that when I got to the US border city that I could find a bank there and withdraw the american money. Hubby gave me directions to the closest bank in that city so at least I knew where to go as our GPS broke a couple months ago.

About 2 hrs into the drive I hit rain (and it's dark) and all of a sudden I hit something (still don't know what exactly I hit because I didn't see anything) and hear the "thump,thump,thump" - which I thought was a blown tire. I pulled to the side of the road and get out in the pouring rain to find out that the plastic holding my front end together had ripped off and it was still connected in the driver's side wheel well. I was of course FREAKING OUT thinking to myself how the HELL am I going to get this off?!

Of course I had no cell coverage unless in emergency and I didn't quite class this as an emergency. I had a thought that MAYBE I might have nursing scissors in my bag (left in the car as I had worked on Monday) and when I went in the bag found that I didn't have scissors but I did have my paring knife used to prep stuff for dinners at work. I HOPED it would work... thankfully it did. I cut away the piece of plastic from the car (trying not to puncture the tire and still make sure I cut enough of the plastic away that I could drive and the remainder wouldn't rub against the tire while driving and cause a flat tire. So I was on my way again.

Once reaching the border city I headed to the bank only to get out of the car and find that the bank didn't have an accessible ATM from the outside of the building (ya I was a little pissed at this point!). I get back in the car and headed for the border - figured that I would just grab american money in the US when I went to a Walmart or something. Once I get almost to the bridge to go across I reached for the passport folder to find out that it was MISSING from the door. Man was I shitting myself!!! I FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!! In the folder I had MY passport, hubby's passport, hubby's nexus card, daughter's birth certificate, and son's birth certificate. If you add that all up it equals approx. $400 --------------> FUCK ME NOW was all I was thinking!!!! I KNEW that if I didn't find where the hell these went hubby would have my head and rightly so!!!

I pulled over to the side of the road immediately and searched the driver's side door and beside & under my seat but didn't find it. Now I was racking my brain about where the folder could have gone. The two places I had opened the car door had been at the bank and when I stopped when I hit something.... man was I hoping that the folder was in the parking lot at the bank because if it wasn't there was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to find it on the side of the road (the folder was black), in the dark and it was raining.... YA I WAS FUCKED!!! So off I went to the bank to HOPEFULLY find it at the bank.

When I pulled into the bank parking lot I didn't pull right into the spot but let the headlights shine so that I might see the folder.... nope it wasn't there. At this point I was almost in tears! I was desperate. I was praying that somehow I hadn't looked hard enough in the car and so I got out again, this time on my hands and knees and REALLY searched the car... someone was looking over me because THANKFULLY I found the folder.

I got back in my car and thanked GOD that I had found it - under the chair but tucked in on the side. Off I went to cross the border, which was quick and painless.

Now you would think that that would be enough that happened to me but I'm not done yet. Unfortunately it's 3am ATM and I should head to bed - we're celebrating little tyke's b-day tomorrow with hubby's family and I'm pretty sure they don't want me to head for a nap tomorrow so stay tuned for the rest of my story. It's craziness!

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