Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Killing me softly

For the last three weeks hubby's BFF, his wife and their two sons (almost 5 & 1 1/2 yr old) have been staying with us. All well and good except their sons have no semblance of boundaries and whine CONSTANTLY!!!!!!! If it's one thing I cannot stand it is that! I just wish that one or hell both of them would actually do a bit of parenting and step in to discipline them! Ok, I understand the whining from the youngest, hell he's a toddler, it's expected though it should still be nipped in the butt before it becomes a constant like his brother's! But alas, no such actions have been made. So ya, now I'm VERY happy that they've moved into their own house. So many times I just wanted to reach out and snatch the child, shake him and tell him to act like his age (the almost 5 yr old) or hell, spank his ass! Goodness knows the child needs some discipline! Several times the 5 yr old smacked his mother and other times would threaten to do so.... without them stepping in or stepping up - I unfortunately had to walk away and stay away in order to get through their stay.

On a separate note.... halloween just passed. Little tyke was sooooooooo excited. I had to work but I had everything put together so that it would be easy for hubby to take her out. He did so and she loved every second of it. She decided to be a fairy like last year - I think it was more because I got the movie Frozen themed winter boots and they went with last year's costume - plus she loves the wings. So I allowed her to wear the boots with the fairy costume and they went brilliantly together.

Work has been a bit interesting.... I had a woman in for a completely different issue and when I was in the room to talk to the roomate about her stroke and do some education, I overheard the woman mumbling to herself, not making much sense. I got called out of the room before I could investigate and when I came back she was sitting on the side of the bed with her IV tubing in her hand and the site leaking... because she had pulled it out. Her facial expression was blunted and almost appeared like she was drunk or drugged or soemthing. Weird considering she hadn't gotten any meds that would cause these symptoms. VS were within normal parameters. Blood sugar was a bit high but nothing that would explain what was being seen. So off I go to call the on-call doc - because this is happening at 2230hrs of course. Earlier in the evening I had to speak with on-call because the stool sample came back positive for c-diff. So she was familiar with whom I was referring to but told me that she couldn't come see the pt because she wasn't on site anymore. So she told me to call internal medicine on call so that's what I did. Nicely, they have their office around the corner from our unit so he said that he could come over and assess the situation. He checked out her labwork and there were a couple of values off (the day before when I had her her sodium was high so she was on 2/3&1/3 to try to bring it down) - now her sodium was down but so was her potassium (go figure!) and her magnesium was off and so was her phosphate.... so I got orders to try to fix some of the electrolyte stuff.... as well as stat CT of her head since she was no longer oriented or responding appropriately - she was also taking longer to respond..... the picture was just weird and didn't make much sense! At least I wasn't the only one thinking so! When I went in thte next day I found out that the CT came back with no new changes and no explanation as to why she was now confused and that things did not change when I went home or anything. We're hoping that once the c-diff clears up then her cognition will improve. Here's hoping!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am totally with you on the whining thing! Praise the L-rd that you got your house back and no longer have to avoid your normal life activities at home just because of a lack of discipline.

    Also, it sounds like your daughter was adorable for Halloween and I'm so glad she had a good time!