Sunday, November 30, 2014

Klebsiella pneumoniae - an interesting fact

Had a pt who has a UTI that has this growing in her urine.... that went in and infected her blood. Then because of this all she went septic and her liver and kidneys shut down....

Now the interesting thing is that this specific strain that the pt was infected with can ONLY be caught by FILIPINOs!!!!

Majorly weird.... even talked to infectious disease doc about it.... don't know how the pt even contracted the infection because they hadn't been to the philippines in years (yes their race was filipino in case you were curious).

Unfortunately, my pt spiked a temp tonight as I was leaving, also complaining of RUQ pain and then also had decreased sats (was 95% on my shift, no SOB at all) - the new nurse couldn't get the sat >90%,.. so off I go paging the on-call to get orders.... portable CXR and a change in antibiotics (still that the bacteria is sensitive to but in a different class).... so hopefully tomorrow we'll see a change for the better!

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