Monday, November 17, 2014

Stupid administrators and good news

Got little tyke ready for school this morning and found a stupid lovely letter in her backpack that informed me that....

She has headlice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT????!!!!

 Why the hell did I not get informed about this?! Immediately phoned hubby and yelled at him (he picked her up from school on Friday and did NOT check her bag).

The note said that she wasn't allowed at school until cleared by a family doc or by some head lice checking organization. Of course me indicating that she didn't have any (I checked her entire damn head and found NOTHING).

Soooo off I went to the walk-in clinic that my family doc runs... to find out that it was actually my doc doing it so I put myself on the list (I needed a refill of my pain meds and antiemetic).

I told him about my appt with the immunologist and the surgeon and so he forwarded information on to the immunologist about which testing we'd done already... so then when I see him in January he has a copy of the serology that we HAD done previously on my immunizations.

Then I had him check little tyke for lice and eggs and he found..... NOTHING - just like me!

Then I had to pay $20 for the damn note!!!! To prove what I already knew.

So when I dropped little tyke off at school, I indicated that she didn't have any lice but I still had to get a note for nothing and I thought it was ridiculous! Then they told me that the note didn't indicate that but just that it was found in other students.... ya, their note was completely obscure.... so I told them that they should reimburse me the money it cost me. They agreed that the letter was obscure and that they knew about it and were going to reword the letter. They told me that they had to look into whether they could reimburse me and said that they would get back to me.

Several hours later they actually called me and said that they would reimburse me!!! YAAAY

Tomorrow I have observation of little tyke at school so when I go and sign in at the office I'll get the chance to be reimbursed! Hopefully this causes them to reword the obscure letter and prevents other parents from experiencing this!

And now the good news.....

I found out today that I have a clinical placement!!!!!!!! FINALLY someone said yes! AND they've already selected a preceptor on my behalf! OOOooooo I can't wait now. I don't know any other details but I'm sure I will soon. I'm so relieved. Now I'll be set for the upcoming semester. The downside about this placement is that it's like 10+ hrs away from my current home - good news is is that it's only 4 hours from my hometown.... so when I go up for clinical I hope my mama will come to visit me. Wish me luck with this placement. I hope things will go well.

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