Monday, March 14, 2016

Passive aggressive bullshit

I'm getting the passive agressive bullshit from my preceptor - we just did a couple of days together last week. I'm supposed to do a videotaped session and so I have to ask permission and have to put this into writing. I did this and had my preceptor look this over and she gave me the go ahead. Unfortunately I didn't have an internet connection and so I offered to put the note onto a thumb drive and transfer it onto her computer - she declined this though. She said that it was fine and that to email it to her when I got home. Unfortunately I didn't get home til really late, then I worked the next day and so I sent it on Thursday at like midnight. Then I get this email on Friday (tho because I was up really late Thursday studying for this exam due for Sunday) saying that the letter is crappy (essentially) - tho said in passive aggressive manner - and that I had to do it differently. She then gave me an exxample of how she wanted it. Again all passive aggressive. UGH!

Also - this week was midterm eval week and my preceptor had her packet on monday and so I didn't provide one and she filled it out - and on Tuesday I had her and I sign off on it. Then on Friday she emails my PROFESSOR asking for another copy of the packet, as though I had never provided one for her! Again, passive aggressive! She COULD have emailed me.... but no, she goes over me to the teacher to make me look bad.

I don't know what to do about this all other than to make sure I keep my nose clean. I certainly have my back up! Goodness, why does this keep happening to me?!

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  1. I don't understand it, but I think all of the passive aggressive and grumpy people of the world are coming out of hiding all at the same time! We could start a club - in fact, we kind of have - to be able to deal with the psychological turmoil these people put us through! Just get done with your preceptor-ship and then you can hopefully give this person a bad review and go ahead and let her know what's what. I'm so over these encounters as well. I'm sorry lady!