Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yucky vomit

Little tyke came to hang with me last evening, asking to watch some TV with me. I was down with that! She complained her belly was hurting. Not unusual with her - she doesn't eat enough so when your body has hunger pains, she complains. I also saw her eyeing up my chips so I told her that if she wanted some of those that she first had to have something healthy. I told her she had to have a banana in order to "earn" the chips. Surprisingly this worked!

She actually ate the whole banana and made it through 45 min before complaining that she thought she was going to vomit. Another 20 min and the poor girl had her head in the garbage container in my room vomitting up that darn banana.I felt like such a shit head for pushing the banana but figured the hurting tummy had to do with NOT eating...

Well q15min she was vomitting and soon it was only bile coming up and she was dry heaving. I tried to get some gravol (dimenihydrinate) into her belly so that it wasn't so difficult on her - and she was having such a hard time trying to keep it down - I think it actually took 3 tries to get her to keep it long enough to actually be absorbed.

Then the vomitting episodes lengthened to qhr to 1 1/2hrs throughout the night. At least she managed to vomit into the container that I gave her and not all over my bed or pillow!!! By the morning she vomitted a last time and was just exhausted even though she slept. She didn't want to eat after she woke up - she actually wasn't willing to eat until my MIL made soup and we bought gingerale!!! But she drank her gingerale and ate her THREE bowls of soup and kept everything down thankfully! She also spiked a temp of 38.3 (100.94) but she wouldn't take tylenol/ibuprofen because she hadn't had her gingerale or soup! Such a funny girl - she would rather have a temp and feel crappyish because of it instead of taking something to make you feel better. But after she ate her soup and had her gingerale, her temp had come down to 37.7 and I was ok if she didn't want to take the meds at that point. But no fever after that point so that makes me happy.

Hopefully tonight will be a better night with no more vomitting!

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  1. Awww sweet girl! I hope she feels better soon! It's so hard knowing others are not feeling well, but she sounds like a trouper.