Sunday, January 8, 2017

What fruit a new year bears

Hubby went away to Pakistan. What an adventure that was. He had trouble leaving in the first place. First when he left it was a breeze. It took about 10 minutes and he got his boarding passes and away he went. And I gave my kisses goodbye and went home.

The minute I drove into the driveway (seriously), his brother called and asked about helping bring them to the airport. Goodness that made me peeved because I had just come from getting a bag from their place that my husband was going to transport on their behalf and I could have taken other bags and just waited for them to arrive there and spent more time with my husband at the airport. Now I have to spend time and gas going back and forth to the damn airport. UGH.... not what I wanted to be doing lets just be saying that! But they're family and so I said that I was coming over to help out.

Well when I went over to their house, they weren't even ready!!!! UGHGHGHGHGHGHG OMG I was so frrustrated. SO I had to sit around their house waiting for them to get ready.... trying to be patient - challenging for sure! In the end I helped bring them there and drop them and their stuff off at the airport then headed back home....

And AGAIN the moment I drove in the driveway hubby was calling me to tell me that his flight got cancelled and I needed to come pick him up!!!! WTH, I just got back from there!!! Then I had to figure out how I could get this to work out. So I told hubby to hold on the line while I tried to three way with one of his brothers and see if they were still at the airport. Thankfully the one bro was and indicated that he could pick up his brother and bring him back and drop him at the house. He ended up at the house real late and I ended up having to take him the next morning at like 3am - goodness it was so early.

Well when I hear from him again he's on the phone over the great big ocean. Weird because I expected to hear from him while he was having a layover in the US. It turns out that when he got to the airport and checked in, they didn't give him the boarding pass through his connecting flight in the US and so when he got there he needed that and when he got to the gate there wasn't a person there that could give him a boarding pass - so he had to ask others stewardesses from other airlines to try to help him and he finally was able to find one who would try at least and brought him to the TSA area to speak with them about how his airline didn't have anyone at their gate like they were supposed to in order to give him a boarding pass. So thankfully the TSA person got a hold of his airline and made them give him a boarding pass like should have been done in the first place. Because of all this BS he almost missed his flight - his layover was almost THREE hours long!!! This sort of BS is exactly why we always make our layovers that long or longer! I'm just thankful that he was able to get on the plane in the end!

Well lo and behold, while he was there, he finds out that the previous night the flight could have occured because his flight got cancelled because the belief was that ppl wouldn't have enough time to make their connecting flights.... well in the end, the connecting flight ended up being delayed anyways and he could have made his flight and been on his merry little way the day before!

But he landed safely only to be told that they lost his luggage. Funny thing was was that I had told him that he should put a change of clothing in his carry on just in case his luggage gets lost and he told me that "it'll be fine".... well lo and behold, that is EXACTLY what happened!!!! Serves him right! hahahaha So much so that he had to wait two days to get his clothes. hahahaha stupid guy! Maybe he'll learn his lesson from this (not likely tho!)

Now, my husband is the eldest of the four boys. When his brother (the groom) arrived two days later, it was hubby's responsibility to pick him up. Well his stupid ass brother lost his passport as well as $1400!!!!!!! Now for those of you who are thinking holy shit about the money.... think holy shit about the passport more.... and the fact that this idiot didn't bring his citizenship card with him to prove he had citizenship for that which he has a passport in. So of course hubby calls me telling me that he now has to bring his brother to the capitol to the embassy to help his brother and see what needs to be done. Of course hubby wakes me up at the ass crack hour of morning after he arrived in the capitol and talked to them and required me to take his brothers citizenship card to one of the passport places and gave them the card, the reference number that the embassy had given hubby to give to me to give to these passport ppl as well as my ID to show that I'm the one who brought it. Maybe this is why I needed to be kept behind? I've always believed that God has a plan!

What I also found out when I went to get my BILs citizenship card, was that NO ONE who went over to Pakistan had taken their citizenship card! Not even my husband! And I had even asked him about this before he had left the house! I couldn't believe that all these ppl were that stupid to leave this country and not take the one card that actually proves that you're a citizen of that country - it's like going into that country and not taking a passport... they wouldn't have done that, so I don't understand why they left this card behind. It's so beyond stupid IMO! Its something I will yell at him about when he gets back.

Just hopefully I will pass this damn NCLEX exam and he won't have anything to yell at me about! hahahaha

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