Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oh to have little tyke home

And everyone else that is. Hubby was the first to come home. I would like to say that it was nice to spend some time together but from the moment he stepped back into the same country as me he proceeded to argue with me incessently and usually  needlessly - like PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!! I don't think he's ever grasped that concept. Either way, we did spend a bit of time together and that was nice. We did get to celebrate the fact that I passed the NCLEX - WOOO FRIGGIN HOOOOO!!!!

Just last week little tyke came home. I am so unbelievably happy to see her again. But OMG ppl, she has lost an unbelievable amount of weight while she was there. So much so that I'm taking her to the physician on Friday. It's from serveral different things (I think...) - from the moment she got to Pakistan she was really sick with a respiratory bug that I think she caught on the plane or in the airport(s) (big surprise considering what kids touch!) and then with the water and food being different over there she developed diarrhea and didn't want to eat or would hardly eat anything and then when she looks like she's getting over the resp bug and is on the mend she all over the place and wouldn't be kept down - always wanting to play with the millions of kids that were visiting - all the cousins that were visiting and such. Then just as she's about to come back here she's struck again with some resp and intestinal thing and it's coming out both ends. They are able to get her to stop vomitting so she's not dehydrated and she's still willing to drink and such so they weren't too worried.

So to have her home and in my safe and capable hands again is more than I can say! I've nursed her back to even keel almost. She's no longer having diarrhea. She's eating properly and indicating proper hunger responses. She has a nasty cough but I don't think pneumonia - I do think that perhaps she may have caught influenza while she was there. Actual influenza, not the thing that ppl just say - Oh I have the flu, when in fact they have a crappy cold or an older kid has caught RSV. Who knows. Either way, it's taken a nasty hit to my child in terms of weight as well. I was told that she had caught head lice (big surprise! - yuck!) and so her first thing was to have a bath and so I stripped her and I was SHOCKED at how much weight and muscle and adipose my little tyke had lost. She just doesn't look healthy. She looks very unwell. So we'll be having a well/un-well/check-up with our doctor on Friday and we'll see just how much weight she's lost and I'll be asking for some blood work to see if there's something more sinister at play at work as well.

But since she's coming home she hasn't really left my side other than to go to school. She has been suffering from some wicked jet lag poor girl. Hopefully all this will blow over soon. Til then I'm here.

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