Friday, October 4, 2013

Mondays are for suckers

Don't think I've ever mentioned but I HATE MONDAYS, even worse still are MONDAY DAY SHIFTS!

I'm not working but wanted to post a draft that had sat without posting... the reason why I hate mondays...

Mondays is like you get crapped on. It's the beginning of the week so EVERY doctor is in, and of course writing orders because things happen over the weekend and pt's get ignored over the weekend. Also, everyone who is due for tests get them then, because tests usually don't get done over the weekend. Also, EVERYONE gets bloodwork done on mondays, very rare for someone NOT to have blood work done on mondays.

So of course you, as the nurse, are responsible for checking bloodwork and ensuring that the Dr knows the results which generally = more orders to try and correct the weird blood work values. And charts are checked for said orders and ensuring that any NOW or STAT orders are done in a VERY timely manner. And ensuring that pt's are washed and ready to go for their test. On and as if that isn't enough, you always have discharges on this day because doctors wait until the weekend is done to discharge.

I haaaaaaaaaate monday shifts, ESPECIALLY monday DAY shifts

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