Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone

Oooooo I love halloween. Especially now that I have children. I know why my mom loved this holiday as well. Children get sooooo excited about it. Here's a pic just to prove it - my little tyke digging into a pint sized pumpkin - small enough for her.

I thought (and so did hubby for that matter) that she wouldn't enjoy the experience. Mostly because she is ALLL girl that one! She hate slimy things (normally) but when she found out that tonight was the night we were carving the pumpkins, she was in her glory and she certainly dived right in. I couldn't get the "lid" off fast enough before she was diving in up to her elbows - LITERALLY! With a smile and determination plastered on her face. I hope that the picture depicted it well enough. I was certainly in my glory watching. I loved every second of it.

Of course I roasted off the seeds (had WAAAAY more than I expected) but when she woke up tonight in the middle of the night and I offered her one she said that she "hated" pumpkin seeds and would NOT try one for the life of me. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of tomorrow.... Tomorrow night she goes out as a fairy and we've been leading up to it for the last month or so. Every time she brings up the subject she talks about how she's going to "fly to every house and flap my wings really hard". OMG bust a gut!

Tonight I also let her choose the face that I would cut into the pumpkin. She wanted the vampire one - but it's not good enough if it isn't with a bit of blood - well the kids version anyways - I let her paint the teeth and I added the drops. She LOVED it. At least she was able to (mostly) keep within the lines!

For all those out there - have fun and happy halloween!!!

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