Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nursing care plans (NCPs)

We have one due this coming week. We were given a case study where it's evident the pt is constipated, but the pt also has fluid vol deficit. However, there isn't enough data other than the fact that the pt has only consumed 1000mL in the last 48 hrs. No lab values, no assessment values. I figure that considering I can't really go with the fluid vol deficit since I only have one factor, might be hard to truely prove my point about why fluid vol deficit is more important than the fact that this person hasn't had a BM in 5 days (in the case study anyways).

I like doing NCPs, I find them interesting and I find that I'm always learning something from them that I can always put into praxis. My one book by Ackley & Ladwig provides truely evidence based interventions - provides direct references to the studies in fact. Supposedly I'm the only one who actually likes them - LOL - I wish they didn't take so long though.

We have discussion boards weekly about what we're doing for the week. It really surprises me the different levels that all these nurses are at when attempting their BSN. I talked to hubby about this and he pointed out that possibly the reason it seems so easy for me is that I've done so much of my BSN already. I hadn't thought of that though. I wonder how much that plays into me finding it relatively easy. I always feel like I'm just bull shitting when I do the assignments. The times that it's truely real to me are when I'm doing the quizzes and tests - sometimes it's good and a couple times not so good (though not failing bad just not as good as I want it to be). I'm REALLY hoping that I do good enough this semester to apply for scholarships. Though I'm not so sure that I would be selected considering I'm a Canadian going to an American school. We'll see though. I hope the marks that I'm getting right now hold up.

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