Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Midterms - bane of my existance

I completed my exams yesterday...

My mental health course I bombed - 67% bombed - brought my course mark down more than 10% - EEEK.... not impressed with myself. It's my own fault though, if I had done my reading as I should have then I wouldn't have done so terribly.

Note to self - even if you think that you know your shit, that doesn't mean that you can't do the readings... this teacher's stuff actually comes from the text - no wonder I bombed!

My ethics course was sooooooo messed - it was 10 ethics questions and you had to support your position with at least 2 sources, which = a LOT of researching and reading which = a LOT of time. No wonder I bombed my OTHER exam, I didn't have TIME to do the readings because I was too busy doing this stupid exam. I had BETTER get an amazing mark!

Oh and I had to work this weekend so there goes 72 hours of potential study time.

Hubby of course lectured me, told me I should be working harder and studying more.

I admit that the motivation to study has been lax lately, I totally need to pull my pantlegs up and work more but I honestly dislike these courses so how am I supposed to be motivated for this crap?! HEEEELLLPPP!

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