Friday, February 28, 2014

Seemingly I worry for nothing

Just got back one of my marks for an assignment for my mental health course. I was so incredibly worried about it. I completely felt like I bullshitted my way through it. Well evidently my teacher likes my Bshit because he gave me 98%!!!

I have a medication assignment due for Sunday, I'm only 50% done it. It's not a difficult assignment, just time labourous.

I have a major paper due for my ethics course tomorrow. It was supposed to be due today but I ended up with a stomach bug or something and was heaving for a good 24 hours and couldn't get enough energy to even lay on the couch let alone get onto the computer and finish a paper.

I have all the quotes done, now I just have to arrange them and fill in the blank areas to tie everything together. There was sooooo much research to do for this stupid paper. My topic was: should it be legal to buy organs. IMO I think there should be a system in which you can. You pay for your medical care in the US so I don't see why you can't purchase something you need in order to live. It benefits the donor as well who would be able to donate something and receive payment for it. I think it can be regulated and can be safe guarded to ensure that there's no coercion or manipulation. I doubt, however, that it will ever come to fruition because people don't care that you can prevent people from dying, it's all a money game - those who earn the most control everything and so they'll keep the system the way it is right now.

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