Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feelin yucky

 Sunday when I worked I didn't feel the best but I mustered through my ickiness and finished my shift - then slept part of yesterday then when I woke up today I felt even more icky and slept more of today. I can last for about an hour then feel absolutely wiped and have to nap again. I've been awake for about 4 hours and I feel so bad. I'm lightheaded and dizzy, hot and diaphoretic but not febrile and slightly nauseous - not a good combination.

Don't know what I can do about this except ride it out. I figure it's probably viral.

Unfortunately, I have soooo much work to do. But I just don't have it in me to get it done.

Also, my damn book hasn't arrived. So even if I wanted to do work, kinda makes it impossible. The only thing I get to do is focus on the other course I have work for. OMG I hate feeling this way - this is how I felt when I was pregnant - don't worry, I'm not. Would love to be but alas, we're waiting til I'm done my BSN.

One of the girls at work just announed that she's pregnant - I'm jealous. Snuck up on me actually. I wish it was me. Jealous that a bunch of the people who started on the unit at the same time as me are buying homes and having babies and I'm not doing either. I feel like I'm in a stalesmate.

Wow, not what I was expecting to discuss on this post. Guess I'll stop here. Hope I'm feeling better real soon - I have to work again on Thursday.

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