Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is my life ever without drama?! Part two

I've indicated before that I'm taking a couple of summer courses - a nursing course and an elective. As a previous post indicated, 5 wk courses are nucking futz! But the drama isn't with the 5 wk course - it's with the course with a group project...

We're doing an evidence based project (EBP) which we're chosen improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients. Chosen is reducing cancer-related fatigue (CRF) and cancer-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). I specifically chose to ginseng to reduce fatigue. There's six people in the group.

So while putting this paper together - the leader sends out the rough "finished" draft... which when I read it I found that five of us ended up at one point and the other ended up at a different point - which made me question how in the world that happened.... so I went looking in the course areas to find the answer.... to find out that we were all right and all wrong.... that we were all missing the respective parts - so I brought this up to the GROUP (not just the leader - figured it would be easier if I brought it up to the group so she didn't then have to email everyone about it).... and indicated that there's other stuff that we have to get done.

I did more research and found that there was a complete section that no one did - and that the leader did not "assign" for anyone to do it - so I indicated to the group that someone should volunteer to do it - the leader was putting the paper together and I was doing the power point - so someone else had to.... After a couple of days someone did.... but they did it incorrectly! She was supposed to critique the EBP guideline that I had found on the database we were told to use - but she only critiqued the CINV and not a second one that addresses the CRF. This I brought up to the "leader" which she disregarded!

Then there was parts of the critiques within the lit review of our articles that wasn't done correctly and I brought THIS up to the leader and she disregarded it as well. I also did a mark up of the paper that the "leader" sent to us but she didn't change a godamn thing.


I emailed the teacher - letting her know the issues I was having with the "leader" and how she was disregarding everything that I had talked to her about and that I was concerned about the quality of the paper - her response was that she marks it up first and if it still isn't up to snuff then it gets posted for the rest of the class to mark it up - so she said that if I'm still concerned about it after that point then we would cross that bridge when we got to it. She said that it sucks to be in my position becasue I'm between a rock and hard place. So that helped reduce my anxiety.

Then when I was doing the power point I had to put in that the parts that were missing in the critiques I had to indicate this and it did NOT go over well with the "leader" who sent out an email to the ENTIRE GROUP AND THE TEACHER!!! - that she thought that my powerpoint was "incomplete and unprofessional", and that she "redid" the power point. Awesome thing was was that she attached the TWO power points - hers and mine. I was so beyond pissed! I was furious! What a back stabbing bitch!

The next day something awesome happened though, the teacher wrote back this: "please continue with the ppt labeled EBP Echo Group. There is more information, it is outlined nicely and maintains a professional look, but also incorporates pictures." Which is MY power point!!! Booya bitch! OMG I loved the fact that the teacher sided with me. SUCH AN AWESOME FEELING!!!

Now of course this girl can't turn around and be humble - oh no! She turns around and says this: "I do not think Roxie read the information in your power point. Why did you put that there are things the team did not do? I understand we are still working on the project but you wanted to turn in a power point that points out that we are not doing specific parts. I felt it was very  unprofessional to point out flaws in the teams project. It seems that at every turn you are fighting against the team and not with the team."
I was so beyond astonished! I couldn't believe that she would belittle and insult the teacher and think that she doesn't read what is sent to her! I even emailed her as such! My response = "In regards to pointing out that there were pieces missing, I indicated to you that pieces were missing from the paper and you ignored that. It seems to me that you did not read the parts that were sent to you, otherwise such things would have been caught and corrected before the "final" rough draft (paper - not power point) submission was posted - which I took a lot of the information from. I sent you a mark-up of the paper and NOTHING was changed. According to you, the paper was satisfactory and the rest of the group felt the same way."

And, the reason I pointed out things that weren't completed was because I gave her a chance to fix that which was wrong and NO ONE did!!! Plus those parts needed to BE done and so it made a point that the group had parts that needed to be fixed. Then she turns around and instead of admitting she was wrong says "Since we obviously have a difference in opinion that will not be swayed in any direction. I propose that you finish the power point and I will work on the paper portion. Send your mark up to me please and I will make the changes suggested."

Man I don't know what to do with this girl! You would think that she would take the advice of someone in the group who seriously cares about this but instead is incredibly prideful. I just don't want my grade to suffer because of it! Honestly, if we don't get >90% I will be taking up this issue with the teachers because I seriously tried to make sure that this paper was good - I can't do anything more if the leader won't listen or lead!

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