Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is my life ever without drama?! Part one

I was at work Sunday - I was sitting ON the nursing desk (cuz that's how I roll soemtimes) talking to a co worker when I decided it was time that I go do some rounds on my patients. I stepped down onto the floor with my left foot and when I went to put pressure on my right foot I felt SEARING pain go through the posterior of my calcaneus (back of my heel) and couldn't walk - well there goes the rest of my shift! At that point I gave report on my patients to the nurses who would pick them up off me and away I went to the ER - wheeling myself in a wheelchair a crazy long distance to get there from my unit.

I waited 45 min to be seen by the nurse - sent to urgent care - waited another 15 min to be seen by the nurse there - then another hour and a half to see a Dr - then be sent off for a x-ray and waited ANOTHER hour and a half for that to be done.... it was so long that the Dr actually came to the x-ray desk to find out what was taking so long for the x-ray to be done. To be fair, they put a baby ahead of me (which I was ok with)... but I had NO idea why it took so bloody long. It was stupid long time to wait. Then once done I wheeled myself back the ER area I was in and wait another 15 minutes to be reassessed and find out the results - not broken (that they can see - but it could be a hairline fracture).

Based on the testing as far as can be seen it's not the achilles tendon that's causing the pain - but there's many more fibers (muscles, ligaments, tendons) that run along the back of the heel and to the bottom of the foot. So at this point we don't know why I can't stand on it without major pain. If the pain doesn't go away by Thurs/Fri then I am to see my family doc to do further testing.

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