Saturday, November 28, 2015

Finally home, now what do I do?

My doc swings by today super late in the afternoon (as I'm biting at the bit) and asks how I'm feeling.

All I wanted was for him to send me home. He seemed apprehensive to do so because Thurs I got another severe headache that didn't want to go away... I think I had it for like 18 hrs - yep it sucked.

I can absolutely see why he didn't want me to leave considering the day I was supposed to be discharged I get another severe headache that causes me to postpone things.

Being a nurse in a hospital - especially the one that you work in - and being a patient there means that anytime that you spend there causes it to feel exponentially longer. I was there 17 days and honestly, it felt like it was 5 weeks long.

So now what do I do now that I'm not in the hospital...

I start the new job Dec. 7th and that means 12 hr shifts. Dude, I could barely make it from my room, to the elevator, then another approx. 5 min med paced walk to the cafeteria to buy soup and then repeat this again. Once I got back to my room I felt so incredibly ill - just absolutely over-run. I felt like I weighed a ton and it felt like my heart was racing and that I was just panting away. Rested for about 10 min and when the nurse took my VS they were normal (except for some mild tachycardia). After about an hour of resting I felt like myself again. So if I can't even cope walking to the cafeteria, how the HELL will I handle a 12 NURSING shift?!

I suppose I have to try to rest but also try to recondition myself to be able to handle being a nurse again - in just over a week's time! Wish me luck!!!!

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