Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting prescriptions filled

I went to get my prescription filled today - I went to the store and was told it would take 20 min....

So I went to the grocery department and grabbed some green beans (yummy for dinner!) and some mushrooms (good for breakfast and to go in pasta tomorrow) then went over to the meat counter area and found the hot dogs (chicken.... yes I know that some ppl find them gross but my daughter LOVES them and they're certainly healthier than the pork ones!) and travelled across to see what the discount section had (peasly selection - I found sangria that was alcohol-less to try) & bought a carton of OJ (good with breakfast!) then went up to the cashes to buy my things, paid for it and then went out to the car to drop them off - came back in and went back to the pharmacy and when I stopped to stay in line I felt EXHAUSTED (just like before)..... geeze all I did was a bit of walking and I feel terrible! Go figure that a simple walk wear me out.

Unfortunately, I'm told that the prescription isn't ready (it was being held up by the narcotic on the prescription) so I went up and down their isles looking for Nix (b/c little tyke caught head lice while I was hospitalized b/c my MIL wasn't taking care of little tyke and doing her hair - making sure her hair wouldn't be penetrated by those little nasty bastards) and went down at least 7 isles before I realized it may just be behind the counter (it was btw) but grabbed some Vicks vapo rub and some hair elastics (on clearance! - yay - LOVE clearance) and went over to the counter to check out the Nix products - buying a couple things cuz I want to be thorough and get rid of them ASAP!!! Then waited til it was my turn - and directly in front of me was toothbrushes on clearance (again - yay for clearance!) so I grabbed that cuz I know hubby and I need to swap out the ones we have in our bathroom. Waited another 5 min and they finally had it (thank goodness - I think it actually took me 45 min to get the damn prescription filled) and was able to leave after going and grabbing a bag of ice and making my way back out to the care and coming home. I was pooched!

In regards to school - I sent off emails to the profs to give extensions on the work - hopefully I hear tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll be putting my nose to the grind and trying to get some of the assignments completed. Oh, did I tell you - one of my profs actually "advised" me that I should take a "medical withdrawl" from the course - as in..... withdraw from the course (due to medical reasons so you don't get penalized grade-wise) and do EVERYTHING all over again...... dude - I'm like 80% done these courses - actually, I think in my elective I'm actually 90% done! Hells no I'm withdrawing from ANY courses.... according to the school policy (according the the school), I should be granted MINIMUM 4 weeks extension on my stuff so at least I can provide some push back if it's required.

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