Saturday, November 7, 2015

I thought my previous problem was a problem, now it's a real conundrum

Today I had an interview for the position that was offered to me when I applied to another position - at a different hospital.

So I showed up at the wrong hospital and when I realized it I ended up at the place late. I covered it well because the location was locked up tight and when they called me to ask if I was actually showing up I played it off that I had been circling the building trying to get in and that's why I was late. Thankfully another interviewee was also waiting along side me so it seemed like I was just simply locked out.

The interview went awesomely. As in my best yet.

The new place is as follows:

52 bed medical unit with 8 beds reserved for surgical patients
The other unit that I would be hired for is an ER overflow unit
The shift is 12 hours (what I really, really want to work!!)
The new place is closer to my house and would be easier to get dropped off/picked up from if needed
The new place is actually going to be a new unit so there's something to be said about being the one to be there for that


I would be missing out on surgical post-op patients all the time - I feel like I need that experience
I would lose my senority
I may not be making as much money (but I wouldn't have to work as many days in order to get the same amount of money)
The new place would mean that I wouldn't have to work more frequently which means I can use that time to study

Lastly - I don't know about the paeds position yet and I would technically have to start the new position on Nov. 23rd which means giving my place less than 2 wks notice (not that I work that day so I suppose it could be >2wks notice - but that's not really what I'm concerned about).... if I were to leave I don't think I would be eligible for the paeds position - which is what I would really want if I could choose.

So HELP - I don't know what to do! Each is good in their own right. So I have no idea what to do now.

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