Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What nurses should realize is this...

On my current unit we have 37 beds with 3 potential hallways for a total of 40 pts to be divided between nurses.

There is a combination of 8 & 12 hr shifts - and even 4 hr shifts for when there's a gap.

I find it surprising when people get so upset that their assignment from yesterday or the day before changes - primarily this occurs with nights and sometimes for evenings. 

Yet it's often the experienced nurses (those who have been on this unit for 5+ years) who are the ones who are complaining. As though they don't know that sometimes things change according to how many 8 and how many 12 hr shift nurses there are. Plus at 2330hrs you have to put up 2-3 more pts to have over night.

Now, often the charge nurse will "try" to give the same assignment but that's not always feasibly possible. You would think that nurses would understand this. But alas you still hear the complaints that they have to take on new patients.

OR, the charge nurse will change things up entirely and do it depending on the area that the pts are because our unit has pods (sorta) and will give you patients depending on where they're located - with no regard to how heavy a pod may be pt wise - you could feasibly have 4-5 (of your 6-7 pts) that are total care with which they are incontinent and you have to change them at least twice on your shift - it can make your back and feet hurt a lot. And these same ppl will still complain about their assignment. 

It's a lose-lose situation IMO - you can't win with these ppl. Such a shame that they clearly don't learn.

REALIZE THIS: Your assignment will ALWAYS change - expect this and just roll with it. If you don't like it, go to days, their assignment won't change for the slew of shifts that they're working.

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