Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting the swing of things and failing

So I finished my first week at the new place. I'm still recuperating from the IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) saga that I've been dealing with. Mon, Tues & Wed went pretty good - I slept pretty crappy on Sun, Mon, & Tues but boy did I crash on Wed! So on Thurs when hubby, little tyke and I went shopping at this toy factory, then to IKEA, then grocery shopping so when we got home I had a pretty nasty headache brewing. I thought that I could wait it out. Ya, I was wrong! I kept getting grumpier and grumpier til finally hubby snapped at me and told me to go to bed! Ha!

I went and laid down to "rest" and took some lovely lovely meds so that when I got up I would feel more like myself. Sure enough, hubby was right (OMG, I admitted it for all to hear!) and I felt better. The headache was WAAAAY less (dare I say even manageable!).

I had orientation today as well. It was good. I FINALLY got my ID so that I can get in/out of the parking lot and get into the kitchen - plus it'll tell my pt's that I actually work there and who I am. I also finally got my ability to get into the computer and work on my documentation. This new place is ridiculous tho - it's still expected for nurses to do PAPER charting!!! Geeze I haven't done that since 2002!!!! Their computer documentation program is also behind at LEAST 5 yrs and their order entry system is VERY different than I am used to. During days this is alright because the clerk enters in the majority of the orders and all you have to do is verify the order.... but on nights you have to do all the ordering and checking. It causes me some anxiety I must admit. So much so that I asked for another night shift for orientation because I really don't think that 2 night shifts would be enough to guarantee that I would have been privy to an admission. It was agreed upon so before I start on my own and after I get back from going to see the family for the holidays, I will have another night orientation shift. Also, it will help to bring everything back in case it slips my mind while I am gone.

On another note - I couldn't imagine being sick in the hospital and missing the funeral of my spouse. This happened to my pt, I almost cried on their behalf... it breaks my heart for them. I hope that this person finds peace somehow.

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