Friday, December 4, 2015

Reading to the youngin's

Just finished reading a bedtime story to little tyke - something I would do ALL the time with big boy while he was growing up and learning how to read and such. Our favorites were Robert Munsch books - I would use such emphasism and would go as far to yell (when indicated in the book) and sing (when it was done in the book).... and little boy would LOVE it.... little tyke on the other hand prefers LESS - much less emphasis. Anytime I would yell or "carry on", she would cover her ears - even though she's smiling ear to ear!

About 10 years ago I got the chance to hear him read several of his books and he would do so with just as much emphasis as I was doing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and even got him to sign a couple of books and a high school assignment I had used him for. I contacted him last year, only to find out that he has had several strokes and no longer does this anymore. Such a disappointment!

I only wish that my reading to her was as successful at getting her to read as it was for big boy. Regardless, I will continue to do so.

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