Wednesday, December 2, 2015

School, work and ouch

So for the school update: I hadn't heard from my prof which option she wanted me to do. It's already Tuesday, I needed to know what to do - assignments or tests/exam prep - so I bit the bullet and called her.... it was actually quite useful. I'm getting an incomplete ("I" on the transcript) for an ATI exam and the final exam and she wants me to focus on getting my assignments competed. I can do that - at least I've been working that end so I don't feel like I've been wasting my time. Then I have another 4 wks to schedule the things I'm getting the "I" for. However, my  medical documentation indicates that I can't do any school work until Dec. 7th so I indicated that I would keep working on my school work and submit what I've finished after that date. We also talked about my clinical assignment b/c I didn't agree with my educational clinical teacher who is responsible for marking my clinical assignments - I am expected to do a problem list and concept map on NANDA diagnoses and yet she gave me one that wasn't even one. I mentioned that to the prof and talked about priorities and such. She said that she would take over my marking my assignment from here on out since we talked it all out. Works for me!

Work update: I tried to call yesterday to speak with my new manager - she's on vacation until the day that I'm expected to start working. So I talked to the person designated and then transfered to the nurse educator for the unit who worked out a schedule for orientation => 72 hours worth! I'm not too concerned considering I'm not going to be working in a specialty area where there's a ton to learn and I'm not a new nurse fresh out of the gate. On Monday I have corporate orientation for 8 hrs and then Tuesday morning (for 4 hours) they're giving us computer training (honestly I think it should be more - especially if it's going to be a new system that I have to learn) and after that completes then I'm buddied up with the unit clerk for the rest of the day to get a handle on the order entry part (normally the confusing part anyways) - so that will be a full 12 hrs. Then I am "buddied" up with another nurse for the orientation part for Dec. 9,11, 14, 15, 17, & 18 - the last two will be night shifts - shifts that I really am looking forward to because that's the shift I really want to work anyways - and when I mentioned that to the educator he perked up and said that he would talk to the unit scheduler about trying to find me a predominantly night shift line. I also talked about getting Christmas off and working New Years due to a wedding in the hometown and was told that he could look into it. Then after that we're off to the races!

And for the ouch bit - I was looking to cook hamburger helper and heated up some oil on the stove and when I put in the minced meat it splatered oil all over my one arm and burnt it pretty bad - 2nd degree partial thickness I'd say. Geeze it hurt (and still does!!!) like a bitch!!!! I hope it heals quickly.

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