Friday, December 4, 2015

Some excellent, albeit unexpected news

Spoke with my nurse educator who spoke to my (soon to be) charge nurse who indicated that I get to have Christmas off this year!!! Yaaaaay.... that means I get to go home this year and actually celebrate the day with everyone else. With us it's about family and sharing the times together, so I'm really looking forward to it.

I tried to tell my  mom about the good fortune and when I tried (oh ya, she just invested in a cell phone - so no longer should she be able to say she didn't know that I called) and I missed her several times yesterday and so I figured I would give it a go today and try to reach her - several times again actually. No response either time. Hell I even left a message yesterday and when I called during "dinner time" - a time I would expect her to be around. I did get a hold of her today - after several attempts but she didn't even appear to even care that I was trying to get a hold of her. I broke down after trying so hard to maintain a stiff upper lip. Goodness she could be so callous. When I explained why I was quite upset, she seemed to understand but who knows until next time.

I'm looking forward to beginning at the new place. The new unit is 52 beds and the sister unit is 28 beds. I wonder which I would enjoy more. I think the buzzer system of the new unit would drive me crazy because there would be so many patients that could be on the buzzer at any given time. However, you have a better chance at diversity with patient acuity and such. I'm sure in the near future I'll let you know which I prefer. Monday is corporate orientation - it's going to be a long and boring day for sure then Tuesday morning for 4 hours I have computer training (pretty sure they're using the same charting program that I was using - just possibly a newer version? We shall see) then another 4 hours shadowing the unit cleark to get order entry down pat. Wednesday & Friday (12 hr days) I'm shadowing a nurse for orientation then the following week I'm Monday & Tuesday 12 hr days then Thurs & Friday I'm 12 hr night shift orientations and that completes my orientation. Then I'm off until Jan 1st when I work 12 hr days. It's a very short orientation if I do say so myself, hopefully things aren't too different!

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