Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Possible solution

I met with the specialty surgeon about my butt

I couldn't tell you how worried I was that she would tell me that the only choice I had available was the same as before - because clearly that hasn't worked out.

Unfortunately, this solution may wait 3+ months. I was told that unless I'm on the call-in list I could wait until spring for this solution to occur.

So what solution is this that is possible now?

I could be privy of a fistulotomy or a seton to have a meeting to discuss what the next steps would be - because the other options wouldn't be possible unless the seton was in place ~2 months.

This would mean more waiting if a fistulotomy isn't possible. However, fistulotomy would mean that my butt would be cut open and I'm sure that that would hurt BIG time.

Additionally, the doc made it seem like I would be back to school after several days - man does she not know how painful these things are! Or how cutting such a sensitive area up is also incredibly painful.

But really, I'll take painful for a small amount of time if it's dealt with permanently. Only downfall is whether I'm made incontinent (even flatus) because of this.

Hubby was all concerned about when this surgery would take place - he would prefer for me to have the surgery in 3 months - after my semester wraps up. Thing he doesn't get is that I have fairly understanding professors and who's to say that the next classes professor would be as understanding. I even said as much - which is why I now wait to go back under the knife.

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  1. I just noticed you posted this at 3:33 a.m. Is that your time or mine? Maybe both... Regardless, do you ever sleep?!? I hope you figure out a good time to be able to go in for this fix and I pray that it actually "fixes" the problem so you don't have to keep going through surgeries and such difficulties.