Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can't they just tell me everything in the first place?!

Went back to my primary doc to see about whether the infectious disease Dr had contacted him regarding my gentamicin conundrum to find out that neither had the damn Dr contacted MY primary Dr, nor did they contact me regarding the referral that was sent to them STAT on Friday.

So.... nicely my Dr's secretary (whom I'm in with) gave me the number of the ID Dr and simply asked them directly what was going on. Turns out that they won't just answer the question that my Dr posed on the damn referral (that would be too EASY!) and instead I have to wait over a week to see this Dr in person next tuesday. Can't it ever be simple?! Not so much for me evidently.

On the flip side, while I was talking to my Dr he commented about a "consultation" I had with the neurologist - reminded him that it was follow-up and he brought up the documentation that the neurologist sent to him about that particular meeting.

He talked about how I'm "stable" on Diamox for my IIH and how during ground neurology rounds there was talk about how transverse sinus narrowing should be treated with stenting. Thing is - the stenting bit wasn't mentioned or even offered as a solution to what I'm experiencing. My CT & MRI showed stenosis and now I wonder whether stenting is a better option than to take medication that really isn't helping me - I'm still having considerable headaches (that I keep to myself). Instead, this damn neurologist talked only about how I must take a pain medication holiday for 4 months and lose weight.

Why do these doctors not tell you everything when they have the chance to and provide you with information that will actually make a difference in treatment options that you may choose for YOURSELF - hell, it is MY body afterall.

So now I have to wait another 4+ months to tell this damn doctor about finding out this information and I have to wait another week to hear from the ID Dr to find out what I should be doing about the abcess that I currently have that isn't being fully treated. Goodness I hate that I can't just get a second opinion like American's can so easily obtain.... oh to be Canadian!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a mess! I promise that American medicine is messed up royally too, but I guess it is nice being able to get second opinions if we feel we need to. I pray this all gets sorted out for you. It would be great if you could have stents put in to help with the headaches instead of having to take medications. It is unfortunate that it would require another surgery, but it would be great for you to be able to get relief. Prayers for you dear friend. I hope all else is going okay in your world, although health can put a damper on the rest of your life if your body isn't cooperating.