Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scared of failing

Two more terms left for school to be done

I've failed before

I'm scared of failing again

Of losing out on getting my BSN

It terrifies me actually because my future depends on it. I HATE living in this house. I HATE that my husband and I OR my daughter don't have bedrooms of our own. I HATE that I can't have a shower and walk around in just a towel. I HATE that I have to study or do my work at night time because we live here.

I'm scared that I won't get my BSN and that means no working in an ICU setting.

I feel like I'm in the spot where the other shoe is about to drop - I'm just waiting. That makes me INCREDIBLY nervous and I'm scared to half-death that I will not succeed.

I honestly think that until half way through November that I will feel like I've made it into the clear.

OMG I just want to be done and past this point. Man I hope I make it through this.

1 comment:

  1. Nurse Dee, I'm praying for you lady. We both just need to get school done and then never think of it again. I hope the other shoe never drops for you and that we can get to graduation and just keep on trucking...