Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's done

I had my surgery yesterday. I was quite nervous for it actually. I didn't know what would happen until I was under general anesthetic and could be examined that it would be decided upon.

We did the pre-op and it took FOUR HOURS!!!!  Goodness that was the longest pre-op process that I have ever been through. I would have expected that from the hospital in my hometown but not at this major city's hospital. It was ridiculous.

First I had to see a nurse and tell her what I was having done. Then she decided that I needed to have blood work and because of one of my IIH meds (diamox) I needed to have a ECG -> which showed that at one point I may have had a heart attack so then once I had those done I had to see a physician (after sitting around for somewhere like an hour and a half) and he kept asking me whether I have any chest pain or whether I can go up two flights of stairs without huffing and puffing. I indicated that I could and it seemed like they didn't quite believe it because they asked the questions just in a different manner. Plus I had to repeat all the same info I had told the nurse which I understand why they do it but I don't see why they don't just verify the information and ask if anything was missed or forgotten. He also asked about my IIH and I had to sign a release of information for them to get the neurologist's last progress note. So then I went and waited for another hour+ to see the next person.

Then I had to see an anethetist and repeat ALLLLLL the information all over again. And surprisingly enough they had the neurologist's note and so I had to discuss how I learned about that. Then I learned something new....
Succinylcholine (Sux) increases intracranial  pressure and should therefore indicate that it needs to be avoided. So I asked whether there was a chance that she would be my anethetist.... which she gafaughed and said "well there's 38 of us so it would be surprising if you do".... well guess what?!

I got the same anethetist!!! Rather shocking. Said that instead of Sux she would be using rocuronium (rock). She also had a teachling who said that once on the table she would give me some ativan - yay!

But HEEELLLLLLLL I woke up with a MASSIVE migraine!!!!!!!! Geeze my head hurt. But surprisingly my butt didn't! I was told that I received a fistulotomy. That it went smooth and exactly as planned. It was the first time in THREE years that my butt didn't hurt (well it was about 2/10 pain wise which for me is no pain really). I was sooo impressed that my butt wasn't the main bit that hurt.

Then I was given morphine on an empty stomach (bad idea!!!) and after I was out of PACU they wanted me to go pee which was harder than you think! They wouldn't let me go until I peed. However, I was extremely nauseous and just after I washed my hands I vomitted into the sink - OMG I couldn't believe it. I was so caught off guard, I couldn't even make it to the toilet 2 ft away!!! Thankfully when I exited the bathroom they had a basin that I could take with me back to my little corner and vomit along the way and lay down into my bed. Ugh I was so nauseous. So my nurse gave me a med to try to help me not vomit. But it didn't help. So I pretty much told my nurse that since I was out of options for meds to take to control the vomiting, I opted to be discharged so at least I could vomit in the privacy of my own home.

I came home, took a couple of my own meds (like zofran) so that I could feel better. Then went straight to bed and slept a whole whack load of hours. And when I woke up I wasn't nauseous OR in pain. It was glorious!!! Now for the healing part. I hope it goes accordingly so that I can go back to work and life and be able to exercise again!

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  1. My gosh girl, this sounds like it was quite the adventure. And yet, I know that it was the smoothest of many of your operations/health issue recurrences. My, oh my, I'm so glad it went well. Keep on with your healing process and take it easy for awhile. I hope it goes smoothly and quickly though!