Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is yet to come

I've moaned and groaned on here that a bigger house is needed.... been saying that for YEAAAAARS.

Now that I'm set to graduate and we can afford to actually move out of the hell hole, the in-laws have finally decided that they agree... no thanks to my BIL who is to be getting married in January and now that he wants a bigger area for his new bride, a brand new home is in order.

Move in date is October.

I graduate in December (God willing!) - and I just really want to move. But just in case that isn't the case, things will have to be done about this new house if we are to live with the inlaws still.

First off, there's only 4 bedrooms - the master bedroom is for my inlaws
then there's one room for my other BIL - the youngest one.
then another bedroom for my BIL who is getting married - he saw the house with my in-laws and I did not and supposedly he claimed this room..... I'll comment on this in a sec. It has a bathroom attached to it - sort of like a secondary masters bedroom.
Then the last bedroom is supposed to be for little tyke BUT

Hubby and I have been relegated to the basement (again!) and in this new house, the basement isn't finished - not even the studs! SO I said FORGET IT!!!! And I claimed the bedroom upstairs with the bathroom attached. I really don't give a crap about my BILs desires b/c this house was clearly bought with the intent for what HE needed, not what hubby, nor I or little tyke needed! 

PLUS - if I take the room upstairs, I'm certain that the basement will get done sooner! Plus I've made it clear that I don't want to live in the basement like I have to now. I know what I want done and until it is, I'm not moving out of that bedroom unless I get a nurse residency and then by golly, I'm gone!

So what must I have you ask?!
1. A full bathroom - beautiful shower, a nice vanity & sink, plus of course I toilet - BUT there must be a door leading to my bedroom AND one that everyone else could use (I don't want ppl going thru my bedroom to use the toilet).
2. Hard wood floors
3. Oh and while they're at it - put up the walls, cuz right now the basement doesn't even have the studs in!
4. At least one bedroom, two would be great.
5. A large window in the living room area since I actually like sunlight while I'm awake.
6. I would like a full fridge (right now I only have one of those small ones that kids take to college) and would like a hot plate and a microwave - so some cupboards would be good!

IMO I think I'm going to be upstairs for a long while. The unfortunate thing is that little tyke doesn't get a bedroom to herself until the basement gets done. I feel bad for her, but not enough that I would for go it all. 

Personally, I would rather just move away and get a residency. But we'll see what life and God has in store for me!

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