Sunday, August 7, 2016

Goodness it's done

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa I finally finished this stupid paper for my course. All 27 pages of it!!!

For the course we were expected to develop a "tool" and implement it then evaluate it. What I did was develop a family presence during resuscitation policy.... single handedly!

And holy moly was it more complicated than originally thought. Plus I had to make it aesthetically pleasing. So I ended up trying to figure out footnotes that were APA even though they're technically MLA.

We're seriously counting down the courses. Provided I pass this course (which I expect I will - just have to see how good the mark is), I will have 1  1/2 classes left.

My new prof sent me the syllabus today and the course looks intense. The last two courses I've had to come up with projects that require a boat load of research. Unfortunately, it seems like I have to develop another project. Oh my gosh I hate this!

I think I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in articles in this new class. Plus of course all the busy work. I don't think I'm going to have much time to devote to anything but this course, work, and possibly my family. But at least it's the last one (I hope!) and so I understand if it's intense, I wouldn't expect anything less.

I'm just thankful to have this last course over and done with. It was stressful at the end! Plus it didn't help that I've been fairly ill with my IIH and trying to get things even enough for me to be able to do the paper. I had to have an extension of an extra week after the course ended to finish the paper, I was having debilitating migraines everyday and it seems to have passed (thankfully!). I just hope that the medication I'm on makes it so that I can continue to function. I can't ask for an extension with this last course because it would cut into graduation and therefore I wouldn't actually be allowed to graduate. Sooooo.... I need to make sure that I stay healthy.

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