Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Almost finished this term

4:30 am and I'm just contemplating going to sleep. Seems I do most of my work at night. I prefer it this way, no one in the house awake to bother me (interrupt or such) and so I believe I've finished one of my requirements for next week for one of my courses.

I have a couple of more weeks left in this term. Holy smokes has it gone quickly! I've done fabulously (so far) in the one course - mainly pharm with a bit of "other" stuff thrown in (kinda hard to articulate just what but it involves discussion boards). I've gotten excellent marks but the feedback kinda stinks. It doesn't really leave me with much to go on, good or bad. There's no critique, just marking. This is not something I'm used to, when I was in the BSN program previously, I got a LOT of feedback on my papers and assignments. It helped me get better with my writing and such but I'm just not getting it this time around. Is that a good sign or not I have NOOOOO idea. I hope it's a good one!

My other course has the clinical component and the theory part but they are separate entities. In order to pass the course you must pass both. But let me tell you, this teacher does NOT make it easy! So far I've been above the 75% critical point except for one but let me tell you, holy crap did I shit my pants when I didn't get that mark. There's only so many quizzes and such to bring your mark above 75% and when you don't hit that mark you really start to worry!

I wish I knew where I was in relation to the rest of the group. I always feel better when I know where I am in relation to others. Am I above, just at or below others? No idea in this instance. Causes me more worrying to be honest.

My ADHD is getting the better of me these days. Hubby has noticed it as well. I'm trying to be better at being motivated but I just feel sapped. I don't know if it's because of what's been going on with me health-wise or something else but I wish I could just nip it in the butt! I have a LOT of shit that needs to get done pronto and procrastinating is NOT helping matters!

Somehow I have to find an ottoscope and a tuning fork - any ideas?! It's not like I know of anyone who owns these things and has them in a drawer for handy moments. I suppose I will have to approach my physician to see if he'll let me borrow. Ya we'll see how well that goes! I need it in order to do assessment DVD worth a MAJOR portion of marks in my one course. WISH ME LUCK!

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