Sunday, November 17, 2013

Insomnia's a bitch

UGH - I hate not being able to sleep. I wish I could be working (missed the cut off date to start by about 2 days thanks to hubby forgetting to bring my information to work to scan & email it for me) now I have to wait until next weekend to hopefully start working. At least if I was able to work, I might actually be getting paid for being awake. Right now I'm just frustrated!

I suppose I could have done some school work... there's certainly enough of it left remaining. The phys assessment DVD has been received by my teacher - sooooo happy for that one. There was a BIG BIG chance of it going MIA. Would NOT have been impressed if that happened. Though with my luck it wouldn't surprise me.

I've been reading blogs, and trying to find other blogs to read (medically related mostly) and it's not necessarily the easiest. I want to find blogs where the writers actually still write. A LOT of blogs that I've found have been where the writer has just stopped writing - no explanation provided. Poof just gone. Irritating to say the least. And even when you find blogs that make the list of ppl who talk about blogs - same thing, a lot of inactive writers. Anyone know of active bloggers?

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