Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finally I get the word

I've been told I can go back to work!!!!!!! FINALLY!!! It's been almost 5 months since all this health stuff started and I FINALLY feel ready enough to go back to work.

I met with my physician yesterday and got him to fill out the paperwork to tell my company that I can go back to work - although with restrictions. I can only work on the weekends. The reason for that is that every monday or other monday the surgeon will tighten the seton and considering it's quite painful and it's too difficult to do the walking and sitting that my job requires.

When I went to my physician and updated him (haven't seen him for almost 3 weeks - since before the new abcess) he was like "wow alot has happened". He was NOT psyched to hear I wasn't on antibiotics because everytime I'm not on one, something new happens - an infection in the fistula track, a new abcess - it's always something.

He also asked me when I last had a scope done - many years ago - but back then I had like 5 of them and they never found anything so I wouldn't expect them to find something now. Especially because I'm not having the GI issues I had back then. I'm not sure I would want to go for a needless scope that isn't going to find anything. Why put myself through that kind of pain for nothing?!

I also talked to him about seeing a immunologist to maybe start the process into finding out why my immune system sucks. He said that he doesn't want to do anything until I'm fully healed. He figures that no specialist woud want to touch me when I'm in the care of the surgeon and having medical needs going on at the moment. So we wait on the immunologist - though I'm not sure that that's a smart idea because I know that I'm going to wait in order to see this person - you ALWAYS end up waiting so why not wait while I'm healing?!

On the school front - tomorrow I have to do this physical assessment DVD - and while it sounds easy isn't.... somehow I have to find a tuning fork, otoscope and reflex hammer.... do YOU know any NURSE who has these things in their possession?!!! I certainly don't!!! My physician was able to lend me the reflex hammer but he only has wall mounted otoscopes so that's a no go. I don't knwo what I'm going to do!!! ERG Well the show does go on, I guess I'll have to improvise!

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