Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things got worse - how could they have????!!!!!!!!!!

I never mentioned that we bought a dog. I've had labrador's my entire life til I married hubby. Turns out hubby likes doggies as well. So we finally decided that we would buy one.

When we were on vacation for our anniversary we were looking and had settled on one litter. So when we got back we contacted the family and made arrangements to go and buy one. When we got there there were 3 white labs and 3 black ones. Hubby and I knew that we wanted a girl, one that we'd hope would be calm and gentle. Turned out all the black ones were boys and all the white ones were girls.

Hubby let me ultimately pick one. There was one little puppy who crawled up into my lap and cuddled into me. Seemed a bit calmer than the rest. It was instant love. And we haven't looked back since.

Being that we are Muslim, the Quran says that we shouldn't own dogs because they are "unclean" (there's reasons but I don't want to get into that though) and so when we touch them we have to clean our hands and if the doggie licks us then that part of us becomes unclean. And even more important is that dogs cannot come into the house because when they do then the angels leave. Angels are UBER important so dogs are banned to the outdoors.

Now hubby and I spent LOTS of money to buy a nice big and spacious doggy house and made sure that we hung out with her regularly - changed her water every 6ish hours and fed her two-three times per day (didn't want to make her fat). Unfortunately the way our yard is - it backs onto the main road and for some STUPID reason the city considers it our FRONT yard and so we aren't allowed to build a wood fence. Well we did thinking that the city would just ignore it (there's other ppl on the street that have this) and we have stupid neighbors who finked on us and we were told to tear it down or face a massive fine. The shitty result of this is that every tom, dick and harry who passed by would see our beloved dog outside (because for whatever reason she would rather hang out under the stars (she would even drag our her blankets and bedding to be out under the stars) - well this did NOT sit well with people and they would stop us to enquire why our dog was outside all the time - why wouldn't we take her inside - a whack of bullshit that we dealt with patiently. Heck we even had someone put a "note" on our door to tell us that they would BUY or TAKE our dog if we couldn't care for her properly.

Fast forward to Tues and I got little tyke ready for school and when I got back to the house I fed the doggy. Then hubby decided he was ready to wake up and up to the couch he went. Well at about 11:00 am he looked into the yard and couldn't see the doggy. He went outside to find that she wasn't there and that "SOMEONE" had taken our dog. yes - STOLEN OUR FUCKING DOG!!!!!!!!!

She's ALWAYS on a lead (she's a bit of a houddini) and we had this ledge about thigh high that we had barricaded and she "couldn't" get to it. Our back yard is fully fenced and the gate is locked (and still was) with a word lock.

What we "think" happened is that some person got into the yard and went to the barricaded area and took down the barricade and somehow coaxed our doggy to that area - untied her lead and took her.

I just want my doggy back!

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