Monday, March 10, 2014

Called it!!!

Went onto shift - mister blood everywhere FINALLY stopped bleeding from his nose - my tampons did their job thankfully!

His Hgb dropped to 77 - so he ended up needing 2 units of PRBCs - which I think it stupid because his platelets are still majorly low - so why didn't the Dr order WHOLE blood, that would have made more sense holistically. And the day nurse should have clarified the order with the Dr as well.

Day shift hung the first unit and I ended up finishing it and having to hang a second unit.

My guy slept almost my entire shift - making up for the lack of sleep he got yesterday. I felt bad for him the poor guy. He came in for something COMPLETELY unrelated and then simply falls apart at the seams. Now we're doing the job of sewing him back up - hopefully we make the seams flawless so he can go home sometime soon!

His hematuria is also improving so that was good. Less blood loss is ALWAYS a good thing!

Now I have two weeks off - my BFF is flying in Saturday and we get to be together for 5 days - YAY!!! I just have to make sure that I get enough school work accomplished so I do'nt have to worry about that while she's here.

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