Sunday, March 23, 2014

What did I do?!

BFF went home on Thursday. Sad to see her go. I loved having her here. While she was here I got her to help dye my hair. I figured I would try out blonde again. I was one all childhood til I reached a teenager then got the brainheaded idea to dye my hair a dark brown. Well that was stupid because it never went back to the blonde. I completely regretted dying it then. I did enjoy my blonde hair. I thought it suited me. So I thought dying it back to blonde might jump start my follicles to grow my blonde hair again (wishful thinking!). Plus mama is still blonde and it suites her so I figured since we look so much alike that going blonde again would look alright. Well I seriously chose wrong! It looked AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! It made my acne (you would think I WAS a teen with the amount I have!) stand out more and I hated that.

So off went BFF and I to the store to choose a color that looked much better! I chose a box of a blonde with redish tones. MUCH better!!! Suites me MUCH MUCH more! I'll have to get a pic of it.

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