Thursday, March 27, 2014

Got me my referrals

Saw my GP today - had an "episode" of anostic aphasia while in his office with him and he didn't take notice - I did but he didn't and neither did hubby for that matter. What happens most often is that I go blank when I can't find a word and sort of stutter or go "uuuuummmmm" til my brain can beat around the bush and somehow come up with the word I was looking for. But the doc was willing to take me at face value (LoVE him for this, usually when I ask for something with him - side note - he knows I'm a nurse in a hospital on neuro - so this helps - that I get what I want) and I got me a referral to my hospital's neuro clinic in which I can basically choose which doc I want - I have two that are great in my books - one looks like he should be on a soap opera (no lie!) and the other treated me when I had the meningitis and was in my hospital. So we'll see how that goes down!

I also got a referral to a gyne - need me a change out of my IUD - which my GP is bummed out for us.... he keeps pushing/encouraging us to expand.... I told him that when I'm done my RN THEN we will. But for now I need my IUD changed out so that that doesn't happen. He asked when I needed it by - which is December but I would really feel more comfortable having it done so before then because the hormones in it are sapped out more quickly when you're over weight and I am - about 60 lbs so and so this makes me a bit nervous. We don't want to be in a predicament that's for sure.

My other referral was for a dermatologist - I have super bad acne. Have since I was about 17, it just sort of snuck up on me and I got a bad case of it. It drives me bonkers. I've tried almost anything to get rid of it. The only thing that SEEEEMS to help is Accutane but let me tell you, it's tough shit! It's no joke. Gets rid of my acne while I'm on it and for a while after I'm off it but for some reason it hasn't been permanent with me - as it most often is with people. This drug is teratogenic (BAAAAAAAAAAAD news for fetuses!) and so you HAVE to sign a contract saying that you will use TWO forms of birth control while on it and do monthly pregnancy tests or else they won't/can't prescribe it for you. It also can do a number on your liver and so you have to have monthly LFTs to make sure that it isn't killing your liver too much.The last time I was on this stuff I burnt sooooooooo badly - even with a caked on layer of 8 million SPF! I burnt so bad that my skin on my HANDS peeled! It was UUUUUUBER grosse!

I also got my prescriptions refilled. This was the funniest part because when I asked for my maxeran and he only ordered 10 mg, I corrected him and said I needed 20mg he was like "what you addicted to it?!" Shit I almost pissed myself.... who was he kidding, it's not like it's addictive! I knew he was joking but still.

Then I got my sick note for work so that I can still work weekends - tho I asked for Thurs to now be included. More days available to work = more money for me!

Oh and I also went and got my criminal record check done - it'll only take 4-6 WEEKS to be returned - FUCK ME! Damn I should have gotten it done sooner cuz my community volunteer hours have to be completed by the end of april! OOOOPS, my bad!

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