Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exposed = tests

My leg guy - well it turns out he's positive for strep A & B - necrotizing facitis it turns out...

Off I went today to get tested for them.

I don't think I was actually exposed per se but I did clean his wounds with a saline bottle and there's always a miniscule chance that a drop or something went onto my scrubs or in my eyes or nose - but I didn't feel anything and I was careful - but I wasn't using a face mask or goggles so there's always a chance.

Hubby got all concerned that I didn't tell him about the exposure and that I was being flippant about safety. The Dr asked me why I was doing the dressing change on a guy that was known to be strep B positive without "proper" precautions. I explained that because I admitted him I had to take the dressings apart, clean them and put them back together again. I didn't know about the strep A - only the strep B and that was in his blood. I figured that using gloves would be enough - and being careful of course.

As nurses. admitting someone from the ER means that we will be exposed to things (strep, TB, MRSA, HIV etc...) without knowing such until several days afterwards. As was the case today. This is the reason why we must always be careful when we take care of our patients. We never know what we're getting into.

I have faith I'll be alright.

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