Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The best way to lose a leg

Who would wait a month when your leg become painful to touch and you start developing wounds and edema so bad that you CUT IT OPEN!!!!!  Ya only a man could!!! This would be the best way to lose a limb!

Dr was questioning whether it was necrotizing facitis - google necrotic leg and see what you come up with! It ain't pretty!!!!! But let me tell you, neither was this leg!

I admitted this pt and I am required to do my documentation - so I take apart the dressing so that I can accurately document. Well this one wound that he had tunneled so badly I pulled like 3 ft (not kidding either) out of that wound. It was all kinds of nasty. I'm VERY surprised that it didn't smell though. I totally expected it to. And the amount of wounds that were on the leg I expected the ciruculation to be dying as well. Another surprise. I couldn't feel his pedal pulse but his toes had good color, movement and sensation. Surprising as hell. What would surprise me is if he actually got to keep this leg. We shall see.

This is the sort of thing I miss about being on a more acute unit. You just don't see these kinds of things. It might have made for a crazy shift but it was certainly interesting!


  1. Sounds awesome...which only a nurse could appreciate! If my family heard me say this they would shake their heads and roll their eyes : )

  2. Oh ya, hubby thought I was crazy - read my next post to find out hubby's other reaction! LOL. I can't wait to see more acute wounds and such. I enjoy them.