Saturday, May 10, 2014

My daughter made me cry today

I worked a day shift - oh how I hate those. Hate IS a strong word and I don't fling it around carelessly - so let me blatently clear - I HATE DAY SHIFTS!!!! Especially if it is a monday or a friday! Those are generally the busiest days - with doctors doing rounds and writing orders - before or after the weekend.... tests get done, labs are done - all of which mean that you need to check these things.... on top of makng sure that you give meds, do assessments, bathe these people.... you know, the things us nurses have to do on a daily basis coupled with all the extra shit. Plus I have to get up at the crack of dawn in order to make it into work on time - the drive is almost tripled in time it takes - to get there! Then when I'm done my shift it takes me an hour + to get back home. ERRRRGGGGHHHH! I hate days, I hate days, I hate days.....

Surprisingly though, today wasn't too bad. I caught a pretty big med issue - one of our guys who has chronic pain and has a G-tube is getting Meslon = controlled released morphine.... except that we have to OPEN the capsule thus eliminating the whole CONTROLLED RELEASE aspect.... and this guy was on 30mg! So ya, I don't understand why it took EIGHT days (twice daily!) in order for it to be caught! Thankfully we looked into it and was told by pharmacy that although it's not advised to open them, the little balls inside the capsule are encapsulated sorta on their own and so you get SOME controlled release - but certainly not the 12hrs that it's supposed to last! So the doc left him on that med and included a fentanyl patch - which is shocking because these docs here do NOT like to prescribe that damn patch! However, this guy needs it - he has pontine myelinitis - essentially his brainstem isn't working and so he's pretty obtunded and completely aphasic. So the guy just moans and moans and moans - we figure it's pain related because when we give him the PRN morphine, he quiets down - and it's not enough that we're snowing him so I guess there's pain?!

Now back to why this post it titled what it is..... hubby had to be the one to take little tyke to school today and so she was pretty bummed out that I wasn't going to be the one - and so she was uber excited when I got home. After a nap (remember, days = no sleep for me cuz I'm a night hawk and my body doesn't get sleepy til real late) she came downstairs into my room to find me on the computer and got all excited like and ran back upstairs.... then came straight back down and told me that she had a card for me. Now this isn't the first "card" that she's brought/made for me.... What was different about this one you ask?

She wrote out "happy mothers day I love you" and drew me a picture of a flower..... and signed her name

I'm getting teary just thinking about it.... It was the best mothers day present yet from her and I'll treasure it forever. Completely made me forget about my nasty day shift (that wasn't as bad as they normally are). And of course I had to call my mommy, all sobbing and tell her about what her grand daughter did for me!

Man I love that little girl!!!!

Happy mother's day to everyone and a special one to my mama - I love you!

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  1. Oh my gosh that is just so adorable I started crying!!!