Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pneumonia - poor thing

Little tyke has pneumonia. Had a sneaking suspicion.

Last thursday she decided she wanted to sleep with me. I was up most of the night doing my school work and she work up with croup - when you hear your child coughing and sounding like a seal - ya know it's croup. Poor kiddo.

Off I went to run a shower and came back to retrieve her. I also gave her a dose of Ibuprofen - to try to reduce the swelling in her throat.... and the fever that had developed. Brought her to the shower and we had a blast in it - she thought it was all fun and games! At least by the time the water ran cold the Ibuprofen had kicked in and she was feeling more comfortable. Down we went back to bed and tucked into bed. Plus some cough syrup (without any febrile meds in it) but one with a cough suppressant. And she slept good for the rest of the night.

The next day I kept her home from school and battled fevers that entire day - piggybacking Ibuprofen with Acetaminophen (Motrin and Tylenol respectively) - so that they could be controlled. At one point her fever got up to 40.1 - eeek. She complained that day about her ear bothering her but only mentioned it once. No croupy cough at least!

Friday night I put vicks on her and gave her some cough syrup at bedtime and she slept wonderfully!

Saturday you would have thought that she was getting better for how much spunk and sassiness she had! So off hubby and I went for our anniversary dinner and date. While we were out at dinner MIL called and asked if she was allowed to take little tyke to London over night to see family- figured she was getting better so we allowed it. Plus Sunday we were heading there anyways so figured it was all good. No issues as far as I'm aware.

Sunday I'm sure she was up at the crack of dawn because there were children HER age there and so she just couldn't WAIT to be able to play with them! Then more children arrived and she didn't stop for that entire day! When hubby and I arrived she was upside down on a swing because one of her cousins was doing so on the other swing! She was having a blast! So much so that she didn't want to leave! My MIL convinced us that they would drive her back if we wanted to let her stay for a bit longer so we relented. I'm little tyke was so exhausted that she fell asleep as soon as she was put into the car, she was so tuckered that when they got back home, she didn't move a muscle when I picked her up out of the car and brought her inside and put her to bed!

Unfortunately, Monday  morning she came into my room to wake me up and just as she reached my side of the bed she has a coughing fit and sounded TERRIBLE! As in, nursing spidey sense was just a tingling!!!! I asked her if she was feeling yucky again and she said she was - so I told her that she wasn't going to school but crawling back into bed and sleeping some more! Surprisingly she relented and slept for another four hours. I called our family doctor's office to find out who was doing walk-in and found out that in the afternoon it was our family doctor (there's 3 other docs that rotate) so I waited til he was on and brought her in.

I had him check little tyke out first (I had to go in too to get my Hep B vaccine done) and had her tell him what was wrong. While we were waiting for our turn she commented about her ear hurting and told her that she had to tell the Dr about it so when he came in she recalled this right away. So he took a look in her ears. She forgot about her cough but when he asked her if anything else was wrong she looked at me and so I gestured to her about it and she ended up coughing anyways so I told him about the high fevers over the weekend and the croup and how it's turned into the congestion and nasty cough - which he agreed to.... then asked him to listen to her. Which he did and he concurred - it is pneumonia and so instead of just getting the ear drops we were now getting antibiotics. Poor little tyke.

It's been two days now, and with the antibiotics and vicks and mommy loving (and sleeping/cuddling with mommy) she's starting to feel better - which also means going back to school. She's happy about that though, she misses her friends!

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