Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All about little tyke

Today we met with her orthopedic Dr......

T - 1 wk til the cast comes off!!!

At least tentatively because it all comes down to what the next x-ray shows.

The current one shows minimal alignment - the Dr isn't concerned by this because he said that because she's young she'll set new bone to make the current bone straight and where there's a blip, her body will eventually shave it off to make that side straight.

So now the bad news with this news..... how in the WORLD am I going to ensure that this little girl does NOT put any pressure on this newly knitting bone? Because when I asked him about whether she can put pressure on it once the cast is off he said that she shouldn't for another THREE weeks..... so what do we do to ensure that she doesn't?! When I posited this question to him, he suggested a sling.... WTH is with all these physicians suggesting slings?! He KNOWS that her broken bone is due to her having the treadmill FALL on her..... so CLEARLY she's not any ordinary little girl!!!

UGH I'm so frustrated with physicians. Can they not think outside of their little box? Strategize a way that you can save me a LOT of grief and her potentially breaking this bone again!

On a separate note - the family is heading to Pakistan. Except hubby and I!

Little tyke with go along with my MIL, FIL, and two BILs - I would love to be going but I have work and school. I don't want to be delaying getting my courses done than I absolutely have to. My MIL doesn't really understand that but at least she's accepted it. At first hubby said no about little tyke going. I think he's afraid that something's going to happen to him when we aren't there. THAT I get. But she's very Pakistani (with a good mix of white girl) and she has their appearance so she'll fit in. Plus she speaks their language fluently. I think it's vital that she understands this part of her heritage and I think she's old enough (I hope) that she will remember this trip for the rest of her life.

I wish I were going but, as I told my MIL, I want to go when I can spend a good quantity of time there - like 3+ wks..... hubby and I agreed that when I'm done school that we will make our way there. Or if my BIL gets married and we go back there to do it (they'll probably find someone to pair him up with this time around) then I'll go over. But right now is just the wrong timing. At least I can send little tyke in my place who can enjoy this trip.

This has excited little tyke like crazy. Or at least my MIL is hyping up little tyke. A couple of years ago little tyke went to England and she LOVED it! I think I'm going to have a little adventurer on my hands. I hope so. I hope she learns to love adventuring the globe and going to new places. Learns to cope with the anxiety of entering new places and doing new things. Maybe she's a globe trotter in the making! Perhaps she'll learn to see the world as a whole and not just her little part of the world. I hope that by letting her experience this at such a young age she will grow a little bit each time.

So to this I say bonvoyage little tyke, bring me back a token of your travels!

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