Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting to see big one graduate, seeing family, relaxing and healing

Went to hometown to see big boy graduate from grade 8 - he won THREE awards - including geography which was a total surprise to both him and I! He got one for participating in this math contest where he does university level math - he didn't win from his school but did pretty damn well. For his math course he got 95% on the province wide math test that they give the kids - so ya, I have a little smart E pants on my hands! In his yearbook he said that his goal is to "become an orthopedic surgeon" - if he keeps his head in the game then it's possible. The last time we talked about his goals he talked about how he wanted to get his degree in science then go on to med school.... I cautioned him against this because my hubby's in the boat of getting his degree in biology/chemistry (so a science degree) and not being able to find a quality job (has one now but it took a LONG time) - so I told him that a better bet would to get a BSN - a degree in nursing - because at least that way he's getting experience in the health care field - he's getting knowledge of diseases/conditions,etc... as well as medications - he'll get experience dealing with patients, as well as families - and once he's done the degree he can work PT/casual which in med school or while awaiting med school entrance - I mean who wouldn't rather work for $25+ vs. minimum wage ($10) - and the kid actually heeded my advice and has since decided that he's working towards nursing school then to med school - little does he know that the one med school we have in the province here accepts nursing students who finish their 3rd year.... I think that would excite him.

Amazing how he's only 13.5 yrs old and he's already taller than me and I have heels on!

So after the graduation we spent the rest of the week out at the cottage - and it was glorious.... not really weather wise. I think for the 8 days that we were there we saw 2 truely nice days where it made me hot enough to want to jump in the water! We had fun though, and it was a nice change of pace and allowed me to decompress a bit from school work - I did very very little while I was away.

My mom really did something real wrong.... for 7 years now we've made it a rule that little and big kid do NOT eat pork - when big kid doesn't reside with me I can't control what goes in his mouth and his father wouldn't follow my rules even if I stated this needed to be followed.... but when big kid is in my possession or in my parents, I expect this ONE rule to be followed. I know how much everyone in my family loves pork products so I ensure that when I visit that I am providing non pork options that won't leave someone jonesing for the pork product. I ensured that I had sausage that tasted just like it and turkey bacon that legitimately tasted yummy (It was maple smoked turkey bacon to be specific) as well as morning turkey breakfast sausage patties.

Everything was going great until the last breakfast that we had together - we invited everyone out for a brunch and my  mother decided that she just **had** to make spam - my son's favorite meat (why is beyond me - bacon rules in my mind!) - this year I didn't bring any non pork spam (I have previous years) and so I told my mom in NO uncertain terms that my son was not to have ANY - not a single piece - yep, my mom said,... sure, no prob.... and I got busy making pancakes, turkey bacon and turkey sausage patties - and then my hubby over heard my mom say to my son "take this for you to eat later" - spam is what she was telling him to save for later. UGH!!!! But hubby didn't tell me about this encounter until almost midnight when my mom was already in bed and we were playing cards with my aunt and son  - so I was big time pissed with my son because it sounded like he ate it - we took a break while fireworks went off and I was fuming and had gone into the cottage to cool off and low and behold my mom comes out of her room to go to the bathroom - I told her to "hold up a min, we need to talk" which she did to hear me out and then said it was all my son and she didn't do that.... so off I go to clarify with my son and my husband who BOTH said (son first and hubby verified) that it was my MOTHER who gave the meat to my son. So ya, I was furious! We only have ONE rule that is NON negotiable! The next morning (day we were leaving) it was soooooooo silent - you could literally FEEL the elephant in the room. I got things packed away and then mom and son went outside and were sitting down so I went out there to get it over with - when I broached the subject I just said that I was drastically disappointed with their behavior and that they BOTH disrespected me - that I provided options that made it so that little boy wouldn't feel deprived not eating the pork products and here is my mom GIVING it to him. My mom just walked away from me. I couldn't believe it.

Another crazy thing happened while we were there - the entire week we were super careful with little tyke about keeping her feet on the ground and being careful with jumping and being around the dogs and such. About the 3rd day we allowed her to play in the "park" (on the swing set with a slide) - and we were CONSTANTLY screaming reminding her that she needed to be extra careful on the swing and NOT to be silly!!! Well she was good so we eased off on the screaming reminding her and thennnnnnnnnnn................................ ****BAAAAMMMMM**** she falls on her BROKEN arm!!! And starts screaming about how much it hurts, and she can't move it again - goodness!!! Hubby wanted to bring her straight to the hospital but I told him to just wait for a big and see how things go - thankfully a couple of hours she was using just as before the fall and said that the pain was less. So hubby said he wanted to wait til the next day to go to get an x-ray - before we headed home. Well the next day it was like the fall hadn't happened so hubby and I held off and we got an x-ray when we got back home.... hubby took her as I had to head off to work - he said it looked the same so I relaxed a bit.

So a couple of days ago we had a follow up with the ortho doc and got new x-rays - see below....

Thankfully she's healing and setting new bone down - on the left one you can see the bump on the right side of the broken humerus which the doc says is new bone forming and on the right photo it shows where on the left side of the humerus that the bones are beginning to knit together - all of which is good news - doc said that she may only need the cast for 2 more weeks but that her next x-rays will determine if it will be for longer. Time will tell!!!

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