Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another down, one more closer to the goal

This week was my final week for my summer semester. I completed my leadership course - with a 99.3%!!!!

What a relief - this will give me a A+ in the course which will help bring my GPA up - because I know with the course I'm taking next will be a doozie!

My next course will be critical care and while I'm excited for it, the teacher isn't very helpful and she makes her tests/exams really difficult. So I'm certainily not looking forward to that aspect!

What I AM looking forward to is the critical care aspect - it's an area I want to focus in for my career so I'm looking forward to what this entails.

It's hard not to think that at this point next year (God willing [inshallah]) I will be taking my final course. It makes me very excited to get this done and the next chapter of my life underway. It's been such a long time coming. This time next year will mark my 15th year of trying to get my BSN - and while I've certainly not taken the direct path, at least I'm getting to my end mark.

I can't wait to prove those who thought I couldn't do it wrong - to prove that I'm resilient and can be a competent RN.

I can't wait til I'm walking across the stage to get my degree - boy will that be a day!

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