Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another round of testing

On friday I got a message on my voicemail indicating that I was being transferred care from one specialist to a special specialist?

I guess the results have come back on the tests that the immunologist ran has returned and so he's transferring me to someone else to have "more tests run" - but I wasn't given the results.

Now I'm in the blue as to what to think.

Obviously SOMETHING has come back positive, I just have no idea what. ERG!!! I wish I could find out the results, try to look into things so that at least I'm prepared when I go and see this new physician.

When I looked at what he specializes in I have SOME sort of idea as to what I would be seeing the guy about but no definite.

Now I have to wait 2 months before I know what the results of the tests were and what the next steps are. So bloody frustrating!!!

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