Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Helicopter parenting & friendship

Today was the big day - the cast is off!!!  I point blank asked the doc how long I needed to be a helicopter parent for - I think I threw him off a bit!

"I mean, how long do I need to obsess about her risk for refracturing - to monitor every little thing she does so that she doesn't do summersaults or cartwheels or pick up stuff she shouldn't be"

"oh.... two weeks"

face palm!!!

How in the WORLD am I going to parent this child ensuring that she doesn't cause damage and continues to heal for two more weeks?! It seems hopeless.

She's a daring child, often silly and ALWAYS active. Hell, that's how we're in this mess in the first place!

Oh and if THIS isn't prophetic - we were sitting in the line waiting to register for the fracture clinic to see the Doc and the woman behind us was commenting about her grandchild and how when they removed his cast that the child refractured it and had to undergo surgery to repair! Geeze! I hope like hell this doesn't happen to us!

On a completely different note....

I was talking to my fellow nursing student (4 hrs total - I killed the phone so we had to let each other go! HAHAHA) and the topics varied (as 4 hr conversations go!) and one of them happened to be about friends.... I mentioned that hubby had little to no friends and that it was difficult for me because he doesn't have anyone really that he hangs out with.

Well dont' you know, hubby announces today that we're now going out for dinner with a new "friend" of his through work and his wife. It's weird how when you put it out into the world that it answers back! So now we're going out for dinner with this new friend and his wife and their 3 children as well as taking little  tyke along for the adventure. Wish us luck!

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