Sunday, September 20, 2015

7 1/2 yrs together but maybe 3 mos in total really

Little tyke goes to Pakistan tomorrow - for SIX weeks! Minus me and hubby. She's going with the in-laws, and the youngest BIL and then in 10 days the other two BIL and the SIL are leaving together and meeting up with them.

I'm anxious for her to go - I think that she will thoroughly enjoy the trip. I'm rather jealous that she can go to Pakistan before I can. I'm not nervous that she'll be kidnapped or hurt in any way because she resembles that side of the family a lot and she speaks the language fluently. I'm not worried that hubby's family will keep her in Pakistan because hubby and I are good - it's not like we're on the verge of divorce or are fighting. And if they keep her there it would terribly shocking and very surprising.

If it wasn't for the fact that I have school and work I would totally be going - I would love to see where hubby was born and raised.

According to hubby where he was raised was just like any other big city - that you have high rises, appartment buildings and subburbs - just like on this side of the world.  So it would certainly be quite the experience to see it myself.

They're going to several of the major cities and she gets to meet all the extended family - good thing she speaks and understands the language - it's neat to see her fluently speak to all the family here. I can just imagine how she'll be when she comes back.

She's all excited about going on the plane - she'll be even more excited when she finds out that the backpack I prepared for her has a few surprises. She's really into these "blind bags" that you know the kind of toy inside (my little pony, my littlest pet shop and shopkins) but u can't see which toy it is - hence the blind part. I know she'll be super uber excited about this stuff. But I told her she's not allowed to play with the backpack stuff til she's on the plane - tho I know that the in-laws will let her have at the back pack as soon as they are away from us - little tyke has them wrapped around her finger and they have difficulty saying no to her - they hate when she has her melt down when they do.

So when it comes to the title - hubby and I have been married for nearly 7 1/2 years but have spent maybe 3 months in total together ALONE - when we were first married we had big boy around most times - he spent some time with his biological father so we had that time but then when I was pregnant with little tyke we  had decided we didn't want to live in my hometown forever and that I would continue with my nursing degree further so we would need to leave - then when I had complications in my pregnancy we decided to leave even earlier because where we live now is close to the hospitals that little tyke would be in if we did deliver early. So we moved when I was 7 months pregnant and moved in with the in-laws and so that meant that for the next 6+years we were NEVER alone - I think we've gone on weekends away maybe once without little tyke - and when we go on vacation we take her with us so ya, we've spent little to no time together alone.

So although I know that I will miss little tyke, it will be nice to spend some alone time with my husband with (mostly) no one around!!! Hubby and I pretty much get 3 weeks solidly alone without ANYONE else in the house - then the other 3 weeks the one BIL will be here but he's solitary in nature and he also works so we'll have little to no interaction with him - so it means that we're mostly alone. Boy I can't wait!

Plus while little tyke is away, there's always skype! We'll talk frequently so it will make things easier ( I think!)

Time to party!!!!

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