Thursday, September 24, 2015

I got it and you didn't - naner naner naner

We had a pt come in with vomiting and diarrhea - supposedly not unusual for this pt - she's well known to the ED staff

Seemed like she was legit vomiting but also coughing excessively to try to vomit - who knows for reals

Either way, lady was dehydrated and Doc ordered an IV

Now I will preface this that I am quite good at FINDING veins but not always the best and actually getting them in.

So I gathered the necessary supplies and off preceptor and I went

I was able to find a vein but preceptor wasn't able to give it a go in time so I took the tourniquet and when she was ready and I put the tourniquet back on I couldn't get the vein to do its thing again and try to put the IV in

So off she went to put the IV in and poked her about 3 times-ish while I was trying to find another vein on another arm

And while she was poke pokin away at that other arm I actually found a good vein and get it to stick up nicely

I excitedly made that announcement but preceptor wasn't too keen on trying it and I didn't want it to go to waste so I figured that I would try

And holy kamole I actually got it - now the problem - I have NO idea what to do next - I got blood but I am SOOOOOOOO not good with their equipment so preceptor walked me through what should be done in what order to get it to work and I was able to make the IV stick

Success never felt so good!

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