Saturday, September 26, 2015

She doesn't want to come home - goats are fun - Eid mubarak

Here's a pic of little tyke the second day after she arrived

Little tyke is on the left and my youngest BIL is on the right

Can little tyke look ANY happier?! Also, could BIL look ANY taller in this pic?!

Friday is/was Eid - the goat in this pic is one that will be slaughtered for the celebration - I wonder how little tyke will take that.

Hubby asked me if there was one thing I didn't want little tyke to see when she was there - my response was seeing animals slaughtered.

Let me state this openly and directly - it's GOOD to know where your meat comes from. It's important.

BUT and this is a big one - she's still little and is not raised on a farm - this is not usual practice for her. I think that she would be quite upset if she were to see an animal slaughtered in front of her - especially considering in Islam it's important for the blood to be drained and so when slaughtering the animal the throat must be cut and this appears quite traumatic to see even though it's actually quite humane for the animal.

I hope I get to talk to her tomorrow - I miss her. When asked yesterday (thursday) whether she wanted to come home she emphatically responded "no, never!!!" and ran away!

Oh wait another week or two - we'll see if that changes!

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